With IGL you can minimize your downtime during your IT equipment movement
Now put all your IT movement fears to rest

At IGL, we understand that your IT is the backbone of your operation. IGL has successfully delivered several IT relocation services by working with the IT experts to ensure the shortest downtime, minimizing the impact that IT relocations has on your business. With experience we have learned that the earlier you start planning your business technology relocation, ensures a well-planned and smoothly executed move with minimum risk, downtime. As part of our office move services, we develop an IT Relocation Checklist & Plan to guide you through the key phases of moving your business technology in and around India.

We can follow your preferred shifting hours (24/7), including weekends and late nights, just to be able to deliver all of your equipment within agreed timeline. We use quality packing materials utilised to protect your precious assets with optional insurance coverage for every move.

With our quick and efficient service, your operations will never be disrupted. To be the best IT infrastructure mover, our crew is specially trained regularly to handle your IT equipment with highest level of care.