Data (Privacy) Protection Management

At IGL, we are ethically bound to maintain a safe and strong privacy protection for our customers. Our privacy policy has been designed to provide information about the

-Information our company collects

-Usage of the information,

-Information sharing


-Accessing information



-Amendments time to time

-Queries, complaints and contact information


Information we collect

The information collected by IGL are through various methods and sources that include, information provided by lead providers, clients and also information derived from customer surveys and general feedbacks. The information we generally collect include name, contact information, identification information along with the performance of our services in moving and relocation. Actions such as recording our calls to or from our client service representatives for the uses of accuracy, performance reviews, training and general quality assurance.


Information usage, retention & disposal

The information we collect is used to aid and complementing the provision of our services, mainly (customer service, accounting, billing and collection) and will be retained for the same purpose. The data will not stored for more than 3 years in shipment files. We archive all physical files on yearly basis, keep in safe custody at our warehouse for a period of 3 years and then suitably dispose after shredding papers.


Information sharing

IGL does not share any form of information to any third-party members except as disclosed in this policy. We may provide such personal information to IGL subcontractors and professional advisers (who are bound by privacy obligations) only to aid IGL to use disclosed herein.


Information security

The personal information we collect are stored in a combination of both paper and electronic files. This information is protected by appropriate security measures exercised by our IT dept.


Accessing information.

Individuals may contact the IGL HR/ IT Dept  to review their personal information stored in our files. Appropriate corrections will be made if any form of inaccuracy or error is found in the personal information of the individual.



In order to improve the convenience and experience of the users in accessing our website, IGL uses cookies. While cookies automatically authenticate the user, accessing the website with the cookies turned off might lead to several challenges including retrieving username and password information.



The various websites may contain links that lead to other websites. We encourage you to read the privacy statements of these other websites as the policies may differ from our privacy policies.



Amendments may occur time to time and if these amendments’ affect our way of handling personal information, IGL will obtain consent.


Queries, complaints and contact

Should you have any issues or doubts concerning the accuracy of any data or information either personal or otherwise, kindly notify our privacy officer at