Managing Warehouses

Warehouse management and logistic needs have become more critical to manufacturing business the world over. And, as IGL Relocation is offering you a great package of warehouse management services as part of its relocation services and destination services, it is time you took the competitive advantage that our global relocation services offer.

The Challenge:

In today’s competitive business environment, you are under constant pressure to reduce various costs without sacrificing your service quality. Distribution and warehousing costs is one of these costs. Hence, you need a flexible logistics solution where your distribution and warehousing costs can be reduced.

What if IGL Relocation offers you the opportunity to save on costs while still maintaining a perfect balance between costs and quality services?

The Conventional Approach:

The conventional approach is to expand your facilities (like your transport fleet, warehouses, equipments, and others) and manage all the following service issues on your own. But here are the downsides to this approach: You have to incur large capital investments and high, fixed infrastructure costs; not to mention handle the administration, inventory control, warehouse management systems, and worker training; and then you might even have to manage multiple logistics providers.

The Alternative:

We have a proven alternative and a flexible solution already in place for this problem: IGL and it’s shared warehouse network. IGL is already a leading total logistics solution provider, and, as IGL Relocation is a branch of IGL, we can achieve economic solutions on your behalf by leveraging its warehouse infrastructure across multiple customers. This enables you to reduce costs by sharing space, integrated IT systems, labour, equipments, and a number of other overheads. As a result, utilizing our infrastructure and warehousing facilities also means that you can focus on what you do best: Manufacturing and selling your products.


If you opt for our shared warehouse facilities, you also get another benefit: IGL manages your inventory and places it close to your customers. And this gives you a flexible distribution system that responds faster and more efficiently to new and changing markets.