Group moves for corporate or government offices can arise for many reasons: A company is a startup company that is being established; it is merging with a business or acquiring a company or business; it is in expansion mode; or it is consolidating its operations to one location. Whatever the drivers behind a group move, however, it is a critical business decision which must be carefully planned. For, poor execution of a group move can have disastrous effects on the employees and, therefore, on the business as a whole.

A group move will involve highlighting the benefits of moving to a new location to the affected employees. And, as this can clearly be a stressful and uncertain time for the employees being relocated and their families, the foundation of a successful group move must be built on sound planning and frequent communication.

IGL Relocation, as one of the top destination management companies in India, has experience in the management and coordination of successful group moves. Thus, we can provide a full range of planning and support services – for both the employees and the client’s HR department – that will ensure your staff move is conducted smoothly and efficiently.

IGL Relocation’s moving services for group moves involves a detailed Planning and Communications Strategy:

With our office relocation services and home relocation services, we can help you achieve a smooth and efficient group move by assisting you with every aspect of the proposed move: At the client HR level, this may involve conducting an employee needs analysis, producing cost projections for the move, designing a bespoke relocation policy, recommending the support services to be provided by taking into account the original and new work locations (For instance, is the move from a lower property cost area to a higher property cost area?), and developing a communications strategy for the entire relocation process.

Once the planning stage has been completed and reviewed, we would recommend that we are introduced as soon as possible to your staff and concerned employees – either in coincidence with the announcement or as separate staff briefings. Our relocation services are entirely tailored to the circumstances of each move. But, it can include arranging group tours to the new location; arranging presentations to the staff with specialist speakers on schooling, property, and mortgages; setting up information rooms or a move-specific telephone helpline; and providing a bespoke relocation website.

We will then work with individual employees to ensure that their relocation is conducted smoothly. And then, through our comprehensive range of destination management and complementary services, we will ensure that they settle into their life at the new location quickly. We will also keep you informed of the progress of each move through regular updates, frequent management reporting, and 24/7 access to our web-based case management system.