As a part of our earnest desire to protect environment, in the particular context of a moving industry, we are committed to have an environmental policy as below.

  • To use recycled and reusable packing materials, wherever possible.
  • To make optimum use of packing materials and avoid its wastage
  • To educate and encourage all employees to promote environmental friendly habits within the office, their homes and in society.
  • To have an effective and controlled use of appliances like air conditioners, lights, etc.,
  • To reduce paper wastage by mainly using electronic communication.
  • To ensure proper disposal of debris and waste in accordance with the best practices available.



  • Provided separate place in warehouse for temporary storage of material to be recycled.
  • Recycled packing materials are being used.
  • Packing materials are used properly at packing sites
  • Mainly electronic communication is being used to avoid paper waste.
  • Waste paper/waste materials are regularly disposed of, as part of routine housekeeping activity.