This department services combines road and/or rail transport with maritime transport to collect or deliver cargo from or to a final destination that is beyond the load or discharge port. Deliveries are coordinated according to the consignee’s designated schedule. This service of ours also allows you to get your cargo arriving in programmed order, thereby eliminating bottlenecks. We also arrange chassis to suit the shipper’s cargo needs.

IGL Relocation is a division of Interport Global Logistics, which is one of the leading service providers for your total logistics requirements in India. Thus, with a network that spans the globe, we can provide competitive rates and the best relocation services to anyone in the moving industry can offer. Our mission is to provide economical and efficient logistic and moving services to our clients, consequently helping their business become more profitable and competitive in the global market.

Based on a client’s customized requirements, the packages can be directly delivered to the customer in the destination country after following arrival and customs clearance procedures.

The salient features of our transport logistics door-to-door delivery services include:

  • Port-to-door and door-to-door logistics services from the shipper to the consignee.
  • Integrated relocation services including carton labeling, freight transportation, and package delivery services.
  • Streamlined processes by virtue of eliminating issues with multiple carrier bills.
  • Consolidated customs clearance.