The movement of household items is fundamental to destination management and the relocation process. Integrating the move into a total relocation package can help to reduce the overall costs through savings on temporary living and storage arrangements.

IGL Relocation consultants will work with you to design a complete door-to-door moving service that will support both you and your relocating employees. IGL Relocation‘s professional moving consultants, packing crews, and move managers will efficiently hand-hold your relocating employees through the moving process in order to ensure that all logistical considerations are planned to perfection and to thereby ensure a successful and smooth relocation.

IGL Relocation will arrange for all the necessary freight and transportation required for moving the household goods. The company will help you make arrangements for all the necessary paperwork and customs documentation that are needed to fully ship the household goods as required. The IGL Relocation move manager will also provide you with advice on any customs restrictions that is part of the international move. All of these features are part of the company’s local and international relocation services.

The main aim of IGL Relocation’s domestic and international movers service is to provide you a high level of care, which, in turn, ensures that your relocating employees and their household items arrive safely at their new location and on time.

Our professional moving services include: